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The Kennel Club - Open for Dogs

Member of The Kennel Club 'Open for Dogs' campaign  

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Doggy info for pet owners

What to bring with you

If you are bringing your dog with you, please bring your own: 

  1. Dog bed. Your dog likes to chill out as well, and their own dog bed provides comfort and familiarity. They may also have their own special blanket[s]
  2. Dog towels. When your dog comes back after walks they will need washing down. Bringing your own towels means that you can dry them off without using our Egyptian cotton guest towels!
  3. Poop scoop bags - preferably environmentally friendly / biodegradable ones to clear up after your dog.
  4. Dog lead and/or extendable dog lead.
  5. Collar.
  6. Initial supply of food.
  7. Dog identification tag.
  8. Any medication your dog may be on or need.

As part of our commitment to best practice, we provide a doggy emergency box which comprises:

  • Bucket and sponge to wash your dog
  • Holiday dog tags
  • Kennel area
  • Pet food fork
  • Scoop bags
  • Spare lead
  • Emergency towel to wipe down dog
  • Torch for dog walking
  • Water bowl bowl and mat
  • Emergency dog food.
  • Dog shampoo

We also provide:

  • Dog walk information included in 'what to' do leaflet.
  • Information on all year dog friendly beaches nearby.
  • Information on local dog grooming service.
  • On site and nearby off lead walks.
  • A dog sitting and feeding service in case you want to be out and about without your wee friend.
  • Information about vets provided within welcome pack.
  • Dog walks available from the door [no need to drive].
  • Dog friendly outdoor seating areas.
  • Access to water

Dog Friendly Pubs and Restaurants

The Failford Inn [Failford, near Mauchline, postcode KA5 5TF. Tel: 01292 540 117]. 22 mins drive from Doonbank. A dog friendly pub and resturant on the banks of the River Ayr, which can be walked from its source to the sea, via the River Ayr way. The Failford also brews its own beer on-site in its Windie Goat Brewery!

The Balgarth Pines [8 Dunure Road, Ayr, KA7 4HR. Tel: 01292 442441. 3 minutes drive from Doonbank Cottaqe. [Canopy area at rear of restaurant)

If you are a local restarurant or pub that welcomes pets,please let us know and we will add you to this list.

Danure Inn. (9-17 Harbour View, Dunure, KA7 4LN) 11 minutes drive from Doonbank, Danure is a lovely small harbour with a pub and restaurant. Fabulous if you want to see the sun setting over the Isle of Arran and a place to walk the dog - and have some food / drink.

Sorn Inn (35 Main Street Sorn, East Ayrshire, KA5 6HU). 35 minutes drive from Doonbank.

If you are a local restarurant or pub that welcomes pets,please let us know and we will add you to this list. We would also welcome up-to-date-menus and prices. You can email them to :

Local Vets

Hollow Park Vets [8-10 minute drive from Doonbank Cottage]
Maybole Road
Tel: 01292 445 678
Dalblair Veterinary Surgery
52/54 Dalblair Road
Tel: 01292 263744 or 264778
Collier and Brock Vets
153, Whitletts Road,
Ayr KA8 0JG
Telephone 01292 611838
Dog Friendly Beaches

Doonbank is within easy reach of numerous dog friendly beaches, making up 60 miles of South Ayrshire coastline. Beaches include (but obviously we are on the coastline):

 Day Kennels

Bonny Bank Cottage, Little Mill by Ayr. Tel: 01292 590 250. 35 minutes drive from Doonbank Cottage.

Dog walking and dog sitting services

If you do want to go out for the morning, afternoon or full day, or perhaps have an evening out at a restaurant,; theatre or cinema, we can offer the following dog services:

  • Dog walking. We can provide a one hour dog walk for £15. You will need to supply dog leads etc.
  • We can offer an (up to) 5 hour doggy sit session for £20. session: morning, afternoon or evening. This will also include a good walk on the lead if required.

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