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The Kennel Club - Open for Dogs

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Doonbank Bothy Pet Policy

We welcome responsible dog owners and their pet which we allow free of charge.

Unfortunately we can only accommodate one dog (more by arrangement). We also reserve the right to ask for a £100 pound damage and cleaning retention from all guests who wish to bring their dog. We do not cash this cheque and destroy it if all is ok. We ask that the deposit be sent to us in the form of a cheque in advance of your holiday.

We currently have a Norwegian Forrest cat, chickens and ducks, so we do ask pet owners to keep their dog on a lead just around the immediate cottage.

In return for not charging for your pet we expect you to leave the Bothy at the end of your holiday as if your pet had not been staying there. By accepting our terms and conditions, you have agreed to:

  • Dogs must not be left on their own in the Bothy . This is because unfortunately we have had a couple of instances in the past whereby dogs staying ended up chewing up the furniture because they were on their own in a strange environment. One also loved the leather sofa and really clawed it up - it really wasn't malicious - he was just being 'a dog in need of comfort'! We have also had dogs who have wound themselves up through continual barking. We do have a range of separate services that owners can purchase; such as dog walking and dog sitting.
  • Remove dog hair from the property before departure. This can't be achieved in 10 minutes just before you leave!.
  • Do not allow your dog onto the leather sofa - we know they're your best pal and will spin you a yarn about needing to be next to you - but their claws will damage it!
  • Do not allow your dog onto the bed. We have white linen and we do have guests staying who could have an allergy, so a clean bed is very important. If you need a stair gate to stop your pet from going upstairs and onto the bed, please let us know and we can provide one to you. Just think how much extra sleep you could get!
  • Clean traces of wet dog from walls.
  • Wipe down your dog after walks. We have provided an outside space for you to do this. We have provided an emergency dog towel but we would ask that you bring suitable towels to wipe down your dog with you.
  • Clean up dog mess as and when it happens. We have young children play in all the cottage gardens and woodland and so it is important that this requirement is met. Please bring suitable pooper scoopers, bags etc and dispose of dog mess bags responsibly.
  • Do not wash your dog inside the Bothy and most definitely not in the bathroom. Please remember that other guests have to use these facilities.
  • Using guest towels to clean your dog is not acceptable.
  • Damage will be charged at the following rates.
    • Extra cleaning required to remove traces of your pet @ £23 per hour [linen may require steam cleaning to remove traces]
    • Damage to doors, furniture etc caused by scraping, as quoted by local tradesman (receipt available on request).

As owners we ask that you keep your dog under close control while staying at Doonbank Bothy, so not to cause a nuisance to others.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your holiday party are aware of these requirements.

We are sorry to have to enforce this policy. However it is designed to guard against a very small minority of dog owners who have not behaved responsibly in the past.

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