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Business Guests

We welcome guests who are either working in, or around Ayr who are looking for single or multiple night accommodation.

Whilst the Bothy is self catering, with a fully stocked kitchen - which many of business guests like, we can also supply breakfast boxes which you can order when you book.

Both Susan and Chris have spent many hours on the road staying in hotels as part of their work, so they know how important it is to have somewhere that they can just chill, but within easy striking distance of food after a long drive, or a busy meeting.

For those on the road for extended periods, sometimes the craving is for some home cooked pasta, or a plain tuna salad - and not 'yet more' restaurant food!! (Regular business travellers will understand this!)

Local restaurants within 5 minutes drive (with links to Tripadvisor reviews):

We can also supply:

  • Black and white laser printing
  • Scanning documents
  • Fast Broadband (suitable for Skype; Webinars etc)
  • Digital audio recorder

If you have any other needs, just shout!




check prices, availability  and book online now

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